Hernia Surgery in Uganda:

An Experience of Doctors Worldwide



Our aim was to evaluate, and report the experiences of the volunteer surgical team of Doctors Worldwide (DWW) Turkey during their medical activites in Uganda.


A surgical camp was organized by DWW Turkey between 3-8 February 2015 in the Butambala and Kampala districts of Uganda. The surgical camp, in addition to other surgeries, was intended to conduct herniorrhaphies for all forms of abdominal wall hernias. Outcomes obtained as results of all surgical practices, including the demographic data of the patients, the types of anaesthesiological, and surgical procedures performed were recorded, and analyzed.


Surgical interventions were carried out under either general, spinal, or local anesthesia in a total of 115 patients with the diagnosis of inguinal hernia in 80 (69.57%), umbilical hernia in 15 (13.04%), and epigastric hernia in 9 (7.82%) cases. Additionally, operations were performed for hydrocele in 11 (9.57%) cases. Postoperative minor complications were met in 10 (8.70%) patients, and no postoperative mortality took place at the end of all operations.


global surgery; hernia surgery; doctors worldwide; Uganda

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