Evaluation of the National Health System

Utilization Status of the Syrian Refugees in Turkey Between 2011 and 2017



The study is a descriptive and cross-sectional epidemiological research ORACLE SQLDeveloper program was used for data analysis, and frequency analyzes regarding the person,place, and time characteristics of the health services that SR received between 2011 and 2017were presented.


The SRs benefited from NHS hospital services approximately 35 million times(34,973,029). Approximately 40% of the SRs that benefited from the NHS are under the ageof 18. The proportion of those under 5 y old is 15.8%; 55.8% of the SRs that benefited fromthe NHS are women. The utilization status of the SRs from the NHS by region is as follows:33.4% Mediterranean Region, 29.2% Southeastern Anatolia Region, and 19.0% MarmaraRegion. The types of health institutions that the SRs used are as follows: 44.0% state hospitals,15.0% family medicine centers, and 13.3% training and research hospitals. A total of 16,009,524cases were intervened as part of EMS.


health access; humanitarian; migration; Syrian refugee; Turkey

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